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Make Yourself at Home

Is the appropriate name of a collection of 10 songs that Melissa Lucciola (Melissa & Paul) just finished.    Melissa offers a healthy dose of garage and bedroom blues with some really honest and beautifully put together lyrics and melodies.  Unlike, Melissa & Paul, the presence of the bass guitar shines throughout much of the album with a strong lead guitar accompaniment, which really adds to the overall dynamic of the release. Melissa’s delivery remains spot on from the first subtle hi-hat hit (“Going Away”) through the last chord strummed (“Caged”) and she serves it with an uncanny grit- keeping it raw but still very tasty!  Hear it for yourself below!


Gems from the Past Vol. 6: Captives

1 Demo, 1 EP, 1 Full Length, 1 Tour, 9 Different Members.  Enjoy the 2008 Full length and download it for free below.

Control Announces Full-Stream of Their Debut Self-Released Full Length

Tomorrow at 12:34 pm you can stream Control‘s debut full length, “Obsolete Through Automation,” on their bandcamp page HERE.  The band started tracking for the 11 track album late last year and wrapped up mixing/mastering this past weekend.  A date for the physical release has not been set yet.  Fans of Rival Schools, Brand New, and maybe even Quicksand or Fugazi may dig this!  You can check out Control this weekend at Arlene’s Grocery in NYC or next Friday as the second to last Folly reunion show where you can still purchase tickets HERE.  To join in on all the event fun on facebook click THIS.