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For the few who see this, it’s no secret that I’ve neglected it in the past few months.  I have not felt compelled to post anything lately, and if I did, it was often covered by someone else like Not Rock Records.  Anyway, obviously I’m eager to tell you about something and have made the time to do so…

In winter of ’13 or so, an old friend/roommate of mine embarked on a 6th month self-finding journey to the South…or maybe he just wanted to get away.  Did he find himself?  Who knows? Who really ever does on those things?  Did he get away?  Well, yeah, but you can relocate your body, but often problems still stick.  Good things can stick too, and sometimes bad things manifest themselves as good things through the power of art.  You barfin’ yet?  Anyway,    Ian Matthew Keller found something in his absence from the north,  and he brought it back to NJ, ever so subtly revealing it via the purest form of blues day-by-day.

Ian always prides himself on being a minimalist and this time, dare I say, he managed to strip down his repertoire even more.  Armed with only an electric guitar (sometimes with an amp, mostly without), his low soothing/smooth voice and a microphone only to record, Ian released his first EP under his own name only 3 weeks ago and since then, he released two more EPs…each one an improvement on the last.  Each one containing at least 7 songs…one for each day of the week, perhaps.

Ian’s stream of conscience lyrics force him to be honest and truly wear his heart on his sleeve, right next to the chip on his shoulder.  He modestly titled his EP’s 1, 2, and 3…each one with a different depiction of himself on the cover, named after him, and containing music written, played by and recorded by him.  I’m not going to compare Ian to anybody else, because this truly is Ian Matthew Keller served on a plate of Ian Matthew Keller on a table built and crafted by Ian Matthew Keller, with utensils shaped by Ian Matthew Keller, inside a house…You get it.  Ian returned, yet still leaves us both pleased and wanting more.  I cannot wait for “4!”  Listen to 1, 2, and 3 below.