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FREE FULL LENGTH!- Mixtapes for Darla

Nicole Grogan of Indian Princess  recently made her first official solo album available for download and it’s awesome!  “Mixtapes for Darla was a project started after a dear friend asked Nicole to put together a collection of songs for her. With a genuine motivation to make songs for a friend, Nicole got to work, but soon realized that the project had taken on a whole other meaning…The songs are soulfully laced audible breezes that demonstrate less can be more.”  When people make music for the right reasons, it delivers, especially when those people are blessed with beautiful singing voices.  Here’s proof.  Listen to “Letters” below and download the 10 track album HERE.  Note: only a few physical copies of this album exist of which Nicole handed out to her closest friends.  Also, this song has been stuck in my head since I heard it last Friday.



Why are you looking at a google map street view of a church?  Well, at about 7pm tonight, a bunch of us are headed to Canajoharie, New York to spend the weekend in that very church pictured to the left.

Here’s why:  My neighbor plays organ and shopped around for a church with an organ suitable for his needs. He found that at the Cliff Street Church in Canajohairie, NY (About 3-4 hours North), so he bought it. I recently talked to him about having a bunch of bands up there to stay for a couple of days as we document everything via audio and film.  The goal is to leave with enough material to compile some sort of video comp/documentary with live performances, interviews, and anything else we may capture.  Eric (the owner) liked the idea and agreed to open his church to us for the weekend of July 1-July 3 so we can film our little documentary.   It should be noted that this is not a party and not a show.  The whole thing will be very focused and everyone up there will have some sort of role.  Wish us luck!  Click READ THE REST OF THIS ENTRY for a list of confirmed bands, labels, and zines.

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Velvet Suit Interviews- Lectric Pulp

You wanted it.  You asked for it.  You got it! Here’s the DL on the Lectric Pulp/Stanhope House breakup from the perspective of Joe Dimeck of Lectric Pulp.  Even though this is a written interview, I assure you at least 1 velvet suit was worn during interrogation.

Some say you helped re-build a sense of a North Jersey/Sussex Scene. What’s your take on that? What is the difference between the scene now than six months ago, as you see it?

Well, I certainly appreciate the folks who feel that way. It’s one of those heart warming/soul caressing kind of feelings if people actually think that. However, I’m just one person. Yea I may have booked a bunch of shows, but if people didn’t come out and support those shows there wouldn’t be any community at all. When it comes to building a music scene it really takes a collective effort. I just handled a lot of organizational things, but I think a lot of credit is spread out across the bands and the fans.

As for where the scene is 6 months ago. I don’t know, it seems like there’s more going on, which is cool. Whether I played a role in that I don’t know. It’s not like The Stanhope House was the only place hosting shows. Honestly, I’m kind of looking forward to being able to explore all the other places that I couldn’t go to because I was working a show. I keep hearing Pearly Baker’s Ale House in Easton is really cool. I mean, I like beer and music, and I hear they got a lot of both. Nevertheless, in the meantime, I got to get a job haha. It’s not like I was making much at The Stanhope House, but I was making something. Back to living on credit I guess :/

Click readmore to find out why Lectric Pulp will cease booking at the venue and what shows were Joe’s favorite…

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Upcoming Stanhope House Shows

Mustache Magazine says farewell to part of their team but…

welcomes Erik Meier to the roster.   Erik comes from South Jersey armed with layout design skills and a love for playing/experiencing music (I don’t think there has been a show at Good Friend Electric that I was at and he wasn’t!).  Former mustacher and founder, Olivia Accardo recently took an opportunity in Los Angeles, California.  Full disclosure of her new juncture awaits revelation, but it is LA, so assume the best!   The whole story of that can be found HERE!  Click readmore for more on Mustache Magazine and Good Friend Electric.

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An Eventful Thursday! (New Control Song/Awesome Show!)

Control will be posting “Live Together, Die Alone,”  from their upcoming full length, “Obsolete Through Automation” Tonight at 7!  Also, if you’re free or looking for something to do, check out Calamine tonight at the Stanhope House with the Karen Meeks Band.  The event for that can be found HERE.  If you miss that, you can chill with Calamine on Sunday at THIS.

Also, I will send the new Control song to anyone who recognizes the reference in the title and emails it to before 7pm!  In other news, we added a contact/submit content section.  Check it out HERE!

THIS WEDNESDAY (The New Saturday)!

Also check out Calamine (members of Indian Princess and Melissa from Melissa and Paul) on Thursday at the Stanhope House!