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Hawkins, the solo work of Killed by the Bull frontman, Justin Fullam, just released a beautiful/dreamy single accompanied by a representative painting done by Daniela Fullam.  Talk about a one-two-punch!  The track was recorded in their home with Sara Kosa at the board.  Listen to that below and check out Little Punk People by clicking THIS.


Singer of Killed by the Bull Starts Business

I guess this is kind of old news by now, but Justin Fullam, of Killed by the Bull started a business a couple years back with his wife, Daniela, and son Elliot (yes, after Elliot Smith).  They make art and clothes…with character!  Check them out HERE.  In the meantime, check out this fresh promo with music written entirely by Justin under the alter ego, Hawkins. This is pretty inspiring stuff.  Justin once told me: if you have a few ideas,whether it be for a song, career,  life…anything…always go with the craziest one.  Those words have stuck with me and I always think back to them when presented with logical/obvious choices or more compelling options.


by Justin Fullam of Little Punk People.  Check out their other work!

Ahhhh, it’s time to relax and you know what that means….

“A glass of wine, your favorite easy chair…” and an unexpected yet gratifying demo from Justin Fullam who despite all of the art, music and work projects he’s currently involved with, found the time to create something a bit more laid back.

Justin teamed up with recording engineer Kevin Carafa in his apartment to record these four dreamy cuts appropriately titled, “Songs to Help You Sleep ,” under the alias Hawkins.  These four relaxing numbers are a vast departure from the Killed by the Bull sound that Justin has been known for, for the greater part of the 2000’s.  Without knowing, you would think a totally different person  was behind these tracks- not to say that’s a bad thing at all, just…well…different and different is good.

Justin presents a refreshing/quiet sound in this session and cites Mazzy Star as one of his main influences describing the project as acoustic dream-pop/sleep music.   Add a minimal drum-kit and these songs could have very well been on Low’s “If I could Live in Hope,” an essential slow-core record from the early 90’s.

“…So go on and indulge yourself, that’s right- kick off your shoes, put your feet up…download HawkinsSongs to Help You Sleep for free HERE,   lean back and just enjoy the melodies.  After all, music soothes even the savage beast.”


Like Hawkins on facebook HERE.

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