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Canajoharie Church Retreat: Volume 1

In 2010, Eric Stroud, shark enthusiast, bought a church in the small town of Canajoharie, NY in order to take advantage of the immaculate organ that it houses. In the summer of 2011, he opened its doors for a weekend to let 13 bands stay, play and record. This is documentary of that weekend. Despite this being a “church” retreat, there was nothing really religious about it except for the fact that Eric’s a saint for letting us do this! Download full sets FOR FREE here:


Dead Ringer/Melissa & Paul Tour

Dead Ringer/Melissa & Paul are in the final stages of booking their summer tour.  Below are a list of dates.  If you can help fill any missing ones, that’d be grand!  Wish ’em luck!

August 4th – 929 XPO, Brooklyn NY

August 5th- Tuscan Cafe, Warwick NY

August 6th – The Meatlocker, Montclair NJ

August 7th – The Marvelous Records , Philadelphia PA

August 8th – Charm City Art Space, Baltimore MD

August 9th – Crayola House Harrisonburg, VA

August 10th – Geared Up Rock Bar & Grill Virginia Beach, VA

August 11th – The Blind Tiger Greensboro, NC

August 12th – House Show Atlanta, GA

August 13th – The Shark Tank Tallahassee, FL

August 14th – The Hold Tight House, Tampa FL

August 15th – 1982 Bar, Gainesville FL

August 16th – The Nick Birmingham AL

August 17th – TBA, TN HELP!!

August 18th – Black Sheep Cafe, Springfield IL

August 19th – Ames Progressive, Ames IA

August 20th – Dingus House, Minneapolis MN

August 21st – Reggie’s Music Joint, Chicago IL

August 22nd – THE DAAC Grand Rapids MI

August 23rd – Trumbull Plex, Detroit MI

August 24th – TBA, Cleveland OH HELP!!

August 25th – 222 Ormsby, Pittsburgh PA

August 26th – House Show Buffalo, NY

August 27th – TBA, NY HELP!!

August 28th – O’brien’s Pub, Allston MA

August 29th – Pigeon Hole Gallery, New London CT

Stream Dead Ringer’s Entire New EP!

Dead Ringer are geared up to tour with Melissa & Paul this summer for a hefty month long stint.  Click readmore for the confirmed dates.

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Tyler H. of Etiquette on etiquette

I gotta say, Tyler really inspires me to not be so god damn neutral all the time.  He always stands by his convictions.  This is a result of his new band Etiquette being invited to a show…I’m sorry…open mic- by an incompetent lady who booked them less than a week ago only to hoodwink them into a situation where they came off as assholes.  You really can’t place the blame on them nor can this be written off as a simple mis-communication, though.  She knew what she was getting into.  I was there.

You don’t book G.G. Allin and expect to not get shit thrown at you.   You don’t wear a velvet suit to a GWAR show.  You don’t book the Misfits and whine when you get a washed up cover band or is a tribute act?    Either way, extreme cases, but they apply.  AKA, you don’t ask band you know plays considerably loud to play another open mic  and volunteer other people’s equipment and then complain about the volume while other open micers leave because they can’t handle playing while a full band is setting up.  Also, don’t keep reiterating all the money you’re making for the event and blame everyone else cuz you can’t run a shit-show.  Anyway, here’s what Tyler said- it’s certainly  warranted and they played awesome regardless.

sometimes things don’t go my way, so i whine about them on the internet.–  fuck everyone who has a financial stake in local music. in the years that i’ve been doing this i’ve never once expected or anticipated payment in any kind for playing a show, and it’s disgusting to see people try and make a buck off bands who are just trying to find a public forum to express themselves. i’d rather work forty hours a week for the rest of my life and never approach breaking even emotionally or financially instead of compromising to some bullshit standard of “how things are done”. if even five people cared honestly about anything i’ve done or have been a part of, that would validate every ounce of energy i’ve put into playing music. i realize that everyone is in it for their own reasons, but it’s so disappointing to see people act so indifferent to something that means so much to so many people. WAH.”- Tyler H.

Side Note: Etiquette rules and you should check ’em out next Wednesday at the Stanhope House w/ The Flops + Melissa & Paul.

Melissa & Paul Double 7 Inches Are In!

and they look great!  Seriously, we could not be happier with how they look and sound.  Since we ordered randomly colored vinyl, there are various colors and combinations.  Pictured are two pink and blue splatter/swirl combos… I think that’s what they call it. We also have some purple/purple and green/grey.  They all seem to vary and have unique qualities.  Records sound nasty too!  There will be a special “friends and family” version of the record for all the kickstarter contributors and well, friends and family of the band who pick up the records.  Inserts and download cards (2 non-vinyl tracks included) are in the process of being made.  Listen to “Money or Your Day,” a non-vinyl track below:

You can pick up a copy of this double 7″ by emailing us here or at a show.  The record release weekend kicks off at the Stanhope House on May 19th with the Screaming Females and Les Trois Traud!  Click readmore for the flyer.

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Some videos from the Eyeconik Records show on Sunday

Thanks to Justin from Eyeconik Records for filming these.  We should have more video up soon from Ian Keller’s camera.  Enjoy!


Click readmore for Melissa & Paul and Snowbirds videos!

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This is tomorrow and mondo updates!

Please don’t miss it.  The Benedict Arnold Trade School record release show was a huge hit.  Dead Unicorn killed it!   Can’t wait to have them back…In other news.  The Melissa & Paul double 7″ was mailed out today to be pressed.  See what they have to say about it HERE.   We should have that in our hands in a month’s time.  In the meantime, check out their kickstarter HERE.   Also, Mister Snake are wrapping up the recording/artwork process for their upcoming tape.  Looks like 2011 is off to a good start for Bedside Manner!  Keep checking back for more updates.  I can tell you we have another Velvet Suit Interview in the works and we’re going to be posting video from the acoustic show at Eyeconik Records last Sunday.

Help Melissa & Paul Fund Their Double 7″

Melissa & Paul just launched a kickstarter to help with funding for their debut release and tour.  They’re offering some pretty interesting rewards.  Check it out HERE.  There’s a little video with a short clip of one of the songs too.  Oh, and a barf-worthy plea….Re-post if you want!


Be sure to check out Snowbirds (Acoustic folky jams with a pleasant voice.  They cite naked band practice as an interest…just sayin’.), Mike Ambrose (His band goes by Les Trois Chaud and it rules…Sorta Belle and Sebastianish.  You will recognize him if you’ve been to the Stanhope House before.), and Melissa/Paul (High energy bluesy punk duo.  Done recording for their first release! ) by clicking their names!  And of course, thank Joe Dimeck of Lectric Pulp for getting this little shindig together.  Wednesday is the new Saturday!  Maintain…See you there!

Melissa and Paul Hint at Near-Future Release(s)

North Jersey duo, Melissa & Paul posted a blog today with an update on their recording.  They mentioned an “ambitious plan for a series of releases.”  Check out the entry HERE.  You can catch Melissa and Paul this Wednesday with Snowbirds and Mike Ambrose at THIS!  Or at at the show we’re hosting at Eyeconik Records on Sunday the 27th!