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Hardly 3 days passed since Insouciant released their latest EP, “Variable Resistor”- a five song post-hardcore/grunge influenced collection of new and old songs.  They sound angrier and dirtier than usual on this and seem to have returned to the garage or basement where they formed.  “Variable Resistor” could very well sneak into the Dischord Records catalog from any era…Anyway, it’s only been 3 days, just 3 days, and they hit us with a music video on top of that!  We can only hope that this means they will get together and let us experience them again live, but I’m not counting on it. Insouciant always plays by their own rules and I know they will only get back together to play if they all truly wanted to…no cashin’ in here.  Listen to the EP and watch the video below.  Check out NOTROCK RECORDS for more updates on their active roster and to stay up on what members of Insouciant are up to now.


Black Wine Music Video