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Ballroom are one of NJ’s current hidden gems and if you find yourself skipping most songs on your playlists, i-pods, shuffles, spotifies, winamps, et cetera, Enter the Ballroom is for you.  I stumbled upon this mysterious band at one of my favorite North Jersey Venues, Pat’s Bar, over a year ago and struggled to find anything out about them since.  Their live show imbedded itself in my brain with their unconventional musical explorations/various and interesting rhythms- all under catchy melodic vocals despite the ensuing craziness.  All of the instruments existed in their own little world, yet it all fit together so perfectly.  Fast forward a year or more.  I haven’t forgotten.  Apparently, my friend from Portland hadn’t forgotten either and he happened to be thinking about them around the same time they re-surfaced in my head and he had a fresh link ready for me.  After little exploring on said link, I finally found it: a click-able to the band’s full length on some obscure label’s bandcamp:  16 songs of progressive post-punk reminiscent of Nomeansno.   Oh and no song reaches the 3 minute mark, which is something I always feel necessary to mention- to confine such awesomeness in such short time is a feat not to be ignored.  I’ve posted it below. ENJOY!  Hopefully, we’ll be hearing more about Ballroom in 2014, as they appear to still be active!