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How do a mere two people make such a cacophony?  How does said racket sounds so rad and delightfully organized?  Please Exist…that’s how.  They  jutted  this EP out amidst the recording of their full-length and I’m sure glad they did.  With only 4 songs, Please Exist defined (their sound), refined (their sound) and remind (us) that less is, and always will be…more.  Describing this as “heavy” would rob the duo of a more fitting term, that I can’t quite pin-down.  I’ll just describe it as I hear it.   Ralph pounds his guitar while switching back and forth from clean to filthy distortion over the thumping and thundering of John’s ferocious and hard-hitting drumming.  Ralph’s goth-tinged lyrics sit perfectly as he switches between a harsh scream/yell to a more elegant melodic/utterance, at all the right times.  You’d swear that these two would finish each others sentences should you sit in on a conversation between them;  they perfectly compliment each other and have the soft-loud dynamic thing down to a science.  Complete with the DIY packaging  (with paintings done by John Fisher, himself) that NotRock Records is known for and does so well, “Let the Daytime Die” is worth a spin, stream, or download…but don’t stop there.  See them live.

Punk Jumps: Khantra

From the inbox:

“Just found this old pic of me drumming and Adam Kaniper jumping.  This was taken by Liz Norris during a Khantra set at “the Outhouse” in Randolph, NJ way back in 2002 I think.”- John Fisher.  Listen and download Khantra HERE.    Click Read the rest of this Entry for the full video!    Submit photos of you and your friends airborne while performing here:

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NotRock Sampler Vol. III Details Revealed

NotRock Records recently announced some crucial details about their next comp on their SITE.  Note: we have nothing to do with this and are not trying to take credit.  NotRock Records arranged the whole thing and put a lot of effort into it’s production.  We’re just really stoked on it and wanted to post about it here to show our appreciation.  Also, some Bedside Manner affiliated bands will appear on it (Gypsy Wig, Melissa & Paul, Young American Artists).  We’re really happy to be part of this! What they are doing is inspirational and with the best of intentions.  Here’s a snippet of what they have to say about it:

  “The purpose of this compilation is to share and expose people to a lot of the great music that our friends are out there making right now. It’s free because not only do we want to share it with you but we would like YOU to share it with others as well. These artists are making fantastic music and the world deserves to hear it. Please help us share it with them. Speaking of the fine artists featured on this compilation, it’s time they were revealed to you.”  How awesome is that!  Read the full story HERE.  Or readmore for some highlights and details. Read the rest of this entry

Velvet Suit Interviews- Lectric Pulp

You wanted it.  You asked for it.  You got it! Here’s the DL on the Lectric Pulp/Stanhope House breakup from the perspective of Joe Dimeck of Lectric Pulp.  Even though this is a written interview, I assure you at least 1 velvet suit was worn during interrogation.

Some say you helped re-build a sense of a North Jersey/Sussex Scene. What’s your take on that? What is the difference between the scene now than six months ago, as you see it?

Well, I certainly appreciate the folks who feel that way. It’s one of those heart warming/soul caressing kind of feelings if people actually think that. However, I’m just one person. Yea I may have booked a bunch of shows, but if people didn’t come out and support those shows there wouldn’t be any community at all. When it comes to building a music scene it really takes a collective effort. I just handled a lot of organizational things, but I think a lot of credit is spread out across the bands and the fans.

As for where the scene is 6 months ago. I don’t know, it seems like there’s more going on, which is cool. Whether I played a role in that I don’t know. It’s not like The Stanhope House was the only place hosting shows. Honestly, I’m kind of looking forward to being able to explore all the other places that I couldn’t go to because I was working a show. I keep hearing Pearly Baker’s Ale House in Easton is really cool. I mean, I like beer and music, and I hear they got a lot of both. Nevertheless, in the meantime, I got to get a job haha. It’s not like I was making much at The Stanhope House, but I was making something. Back to living on credit I guess :/

Click readmore to find out why Lectric Pulp will cease booking at the venue and what shows were Joe’s favorite…

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