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A Eulogy of Sorts for More Faster

I know for a whole lot of New Jersey folks, this probably doesn’t mean much. However, I just wanted to say something about a band from Orange County, NY called More Faster. Chances are you may have seen them cover Descendents/Bad Religion to 10 or so people at the Tuscan if you’re from Jersey, and if you’re from New York you may have seen them at Sounds Asylum, or getting slightly screwed over in Poughkeepsie. They kept pop-punk true to its awkward/crude humor from the days they were a trio going by “Bring Back the Melody” until the point where they were a 5 piece known as More Faster. They at times would show signs of similarity to Osker and at other points to early Blink 182. At the end of the day, More Faster truly may have been the last of a dying breed. I cannot tell you how many shows I have been to of theirs where they went very under appreciated in my opinion. Whether it was their friends, a bunch of 15 year olds who heckled them, or a legitimate show, these guys had fun. They covered it all, everything from calling out douchebags to attempting to not be creepy and hand out candy at shows, they could play well (sometimes-it wouldn’t be punk if I said all the time, would it?) and really just not care. I guess what I’m trying to say in this butchered batch of words is, as of right now, next Saturday, June 16th, is potentially their last show. The show is 6pm at Sounds Asylum in Middletown, NY and you have no reason not to be there. Well you may actually have something more important, but I guess you’ll just miss out on the “fun and wonder” of it all.


Local Music Februrary: Dead Ringer

A mere 3 months passed since Dead Ringer’s 3 song demo hit the internet to nothing but positive reviews.  With a west coast tour already in their past and a 20+ day east coast/mid-west stint (w/ Melissa and Paul) in the works for August, Dead Ringer’s momentum continues in full force.  With Dead Ringer, Kristia and Carlos depart a bit from their previous band’s (Exit She Calls) sound, offering a more straight forward/undeniably catchy brew of pop-punk and upbeat circle-pit anthems.  Their line-up solidified recently with the addition of drummer, Luis Luna who heard their tracks on punknews and immediately showed an interest.  He joins the Dead Ringer family with a rather impressive music resume.  Click readmore for the 100% FREE download and more info.

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