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Google provides two definitions for “entropy.”    One definition derives from thermodynamics and results from the unavailability of a system’s thermal energy for conversion into a mechanical work.  In other words, energy that is less able to do work…useless energy.   Another describes a lack of order and predictability.   Attributes of each definition can be loosely connected to Orange County NY’s Entropy, but neither can fully describe the band. Entropy (the hardcore-punk band) approaches song writing while adhering to the 2nd as they speed through unexpected song-structures that may seem to lack order upon first listen.  However, as you spin their debut full-length again and again you realize they merely disguised this “disorder” as their no-bullshit brand of melodic hardcore-punk via 10 hyperactive/constantly moving tracks that leave no room for steady breathing.  Since their swift introduction earlier this year, the quartet shows no signs of stopping and continues to gain momentum.  They bring a self-propelling energy and drive that many bands of the genre lack and, contrary to the 1st definition above,  the energy is useful and keeps them moving.   Along with no-bullshit tunes comes no-bullshit artwork which they pressed and printed 75 times via Station 3 Records for your listening pleasure.   Listen/purchase the album HERE.


Canajoharie Church Retreat: Volume 1

In 2010, Eric Stroud, shark enthusiast, bought a church in the small town of Canajoharie, NY in order to take advantage of the immaculate organ that it houses. In the summer of 2011, he opened its doors for a weekend to let 13 bands stay, play and record. This is documentary of that weekend. Despite this being a “church” retreat, there was nothing really religious about it except for the fact that Eric’s a saint for letting us do this! Download full sets FOR FREE here:

Punk Jumps: Khantra

From the inbox:

“Just found this old pic of me drumming and Adam Kaniper jumping.  This was taken by Liz Norris during a Khantra set at “the Outhouse” in Randolph, NJ way back in 2002 I think.”- John Fisher.  Listen and download Khantra HERE.    Click Read the rest of this Entry for the full video!    Submit photos of you and your friends airborne while performing here:

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New Category: PUNK JUMPS

I have a passion for snaps like this.  Today I’ll share a shot of Four Fingers playing in Miami, FL.  Feel free to submit yourself or your buds or complete strangers Airborne on stage, in the hall, backyard, basement…you get it!  Let’s see ’em.  Include links and photo credit if you know who took it.  Send all submissions via attachment to


Another New Night Birds Song!

Here’s the titled track off their upcoming full length, “The Other Side of Darkness.”  Most anticipated!


Mister Snake Artwork and Full Stream

Mister Snake made their upcoming tape available for stream on their bandcamp page.  They have it arranged so you can listen to each side of the tape separately, rather than splitting it up into tracks.  Prettaaay, prettaaaay, prettaaaaay cool.   I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…we’re really stoked to be part of this.    Check it out HERE or listen below!  100 copies of the tape will be available shortly.  Keep checkin’ back!

Mister Snake Wrapping Up Recording for Upcoming Tape

Just got the unmixed sessions from the Mister Snake tape sessions and boy do they rule!  Heavy Sabbath worship and punk as fuck vocals.   Mister Snake offer two distinct bass sounds/styles for a powerhouse rhythm section with bratty yet melodic vocals.  Expect this early next year on Bedside Manner.  Keep checking on for more updates and other Bedside Manner news.