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On July 4th weekend 2011, 13 bands traveled from North Jersey, Brooklyn and other parts of NJ to the small (ghost) town of Canajoharie, NY.  The weekend was filled with live music, jams, food and fun to say the least.  Today, we started uploading the audio from the weekend.  Video also exists, but be patient.  You can check out sets from: The Painters, Keith Kenny, and Les Trois Chaud below!  We’ll be uploading the rest little by little in the next week or so!  Keep checking back and ENJOY!  Our biggest thanks and gratitude goes to Eric Stroud of Shark Defense for opening up the church to us for the weekend.  Also, since everyone there was super respectful and it went smoothly, Eric said we can go up again!



Why are you looking at a google map street view of a church?  Well, at about 7pm tonight, a bunch of us are headed to Canajoharie, New York to spend the weekend in that very church pictured to the left.

Here’s why:  My neighbor plays organ and shopped around for a church with an organ suitable for his needs. He found that at the Cliff Street Church in Canajohairie, NY (About 3-4 hours North), so he bought it. I recently talked to him about having a bunch of bands up there to stay for a couple of days as we document everything via audio and film.  The goal is to leave with enough material to compile some sort of video comp/documentary with live performances, interviews, and anything else we may capture.  Eric (the owner) liked the idea and agreed to open his church to us for the weekend of July 1-July 3 so we can film our little documentary.   It should be noted that this is not a party and not a show.  The whole thing will be very focused and everyone up there will have some sort of role.  Wish us luck!  Click READ THE REST OF THIS ENTRY for a list of confirmed bands, labels, and zines.

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