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We started 2014 with no resolution(s), but we did release the digital component of  the debut EP from North Jersey’s, The Lies.  This will be the first of many limited-run DIY releases of 2014, from us.  Mike Belveduto of Earth Stood Still, Control and Atlas stepped on board to help with art for these physical releases.  Keep checking back for updates on that.  We have two in the works already!   HERE’S MIKEY:here's mikeyCheck out that debut EP from The Lies right here:

You can download it for free for pick up a physical copy at their first show on 1/15/13 at the Stanhope House.  As of now, only 20 exist.  Joining them will be Hides a Well, The Lungs, Nude Dudes & Books.  We teamed up with Kevin Oakley to get that show together.

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YAA Release EP/Painters Find Drummer- See ‘Em Both Tonight!

It’s true.  Young American Artists is still truckin’!  They will release 3 new songs digitally, at some point today.  Keep checkin’ back!  Come see them in the Psychedelic lounge with Barcode Youth (if Propagandhi were street punk), Senium (for fans of Nirvana/Steve Albini), and The Painters (you know them, you love them!) tonight at the Stanhope House.  First ever run of YAA shirts will also be available and this will more than likely be their last show until Sept/Oct.

Speaking of The Painters, Ian officially ended his quest for a female non-drummer with personality type yadda yadda.  Enter Kait Barone on the sticks.  They jammed at my house the other day and it rules!  I can’t wait to finally hear some of these songs live.  Also, in the other room tonight, Eyeswan is releasing a new record!

Velvet Suit Interviews- Lectric Pulp

You wanted it.  You asked for it.  You got it! Here’s the DL on the Lectric Pulp/Stanhope House breakup from the perspective of Joe Dimeck of Lectric Pulp.  Even though this is a written interview, I assure you at least 1 velvet suit was worn during interrogation.

Some say you helped re-build a sense of a North Jersey/Sussex Scene. What’s your take on that? What is the difference between the scene now than six months ago, as you see it?

Well, I certainly appreciate the folks who feel that way. It’s one of those heart warming/soul caressing kind of feelings if people actually think that. However, I’m just one person. Yea I may have booked a bunch of shows, but if people didn’t come out and support those shows there wouldn’t be any community at all. When it comes to building a music scene it really takes a collective effort. I just handled a lot of organizational things, but I think a lot of credit is spread out across the bands and the fans.

As for where the scene is 6 months ago. I don’t know, it seems like there’s more going on, which is cool. Whether I played a role in that I don’t know. It’s not like The Stanhope House was the only place hosting shows. Honestly, I’m kind of looking forward to being able to explore all the other places that I couldn’t go to because I was working a show. I keep hearing Pearly Baker’s Ale House in Easton is really cool. I mean, I like beer and music, and I hear they got a lot of both. Nevertheless, in the meantime, I got to get a job haha. It’s not like I was making much at The Stanhope House, but I was making something. Back to living on credit I guess :/

Click readmore to find out why Lectric Pulp will cease booking at the venue and what shows were Joe’s favorite…

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Lectric Pulp Ceases Booking at Stanhope House

From Lectric Pulp‘s facebook:

“Lectric Pulp will not be booking any new shows at The Stanhope House. LP will, however, see the rest of the already booked shows through. Check the events page and come out to support the bands. It was a fun and interesting ride, which isn’t exactly over yet. Thanks for all the support.”

Expect a Velvet Suit Interview shortly for more on the story.  Lectric Pulp  contributed a lot to the building/re-building of  the music “scene” in the area over the past 6 months.  Hopefully, this is not the end for LP.  As for the Stanhope House, thinking back to six months ago and now brings mixed feelings.  FWAPPED…I guess.  Then again, I don’t run any establishments, so what do I know?

Joe Dimeck of Lectric Pulp Reaches out to North Jersey Music Scene

in a well developed/articulated essay of sorts, or as he calls it “a call to action.”  He pretty much covers it all.  The only thing I would add would be a second hand quote I heard from Jon Tumillo of Folly during their first farewell show on April 8th at the Stanhope House. He quoted Jeff Cannonball of Black Kites who said something along the lines of “don’t let this [the last folly show] be the only show you look forward to/don’t let this be the only show you go to.”  There’s a lot going on and a lot to be thrilled about, especially when it comes to North Jersey music, don’t sleep on it or take it for granted.  Momentum.

Putting yourself out there can be met with a lot of flack, especially if you’re a promoter.  Often times good intentions are over-looked and no matter what, people are going to say and believe what they want to believe or take things and change them to fit their convictions.  I give anyone a lot of credit who makes an attempt at creating or organizing something positive and understand that a lot of the decisions they make are difficult and it really is impossible to make everyone happy.   With that said, I’m in full support of what Joe is trying to do and what he has always tried to do since he started running shows in high school.  I encourage you to, at the very least, check out a show or two at the Stanhope House, even if you don’t recognize any bands on the bill.  I’ve found a lot of new bands that I’m now into and friends with because of this Stanhope House stint that started late last year with Lectric Pulp.   With that said, keep checking back for an exclusive Velvet Suit Interview with Joe Dimeck.  In the meantime, Click Readmore for Joe’s full essay.   

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GODDAMN (Bedside Updates)

Pardon my language, but I’m on my first listen of the Mister Snake tape and it seriously rules. It far surpasses any previous release by the band and we’re thrilled to be part of it.   Be sure to get on this when it’s out:  100 copies of the 8 song tape will be pressed each with a digital download included, so you can travel with it…conveniently.  FFO Black Sabbath, The Jesus Lizard, Flipper, Sleep and Dinosaur Jr. “Like” them on facebook HERE.  In other news, Melissa & Paul made a facebook page, you can check that out HERE.  Test presses for their double 7″ should be in this week, with them a song from each EP will be posted online for your listening pleasure.  Also, we’re working on setting up some pretty sweet shows at Eyeconik Records and the Stanhope House.  Keep checking back for updates on those.

Velvet Suit Interviews- The Benedict Arnold Trade School

On Saturday,  a very special show takes place at the Stanhope HouseThe Benedict Arnold Trade School debuts their ambitious full length album, “The Bakers, Does-Ology,” a 13 song folk infused, high-energy rock and roll masterpiece. They will be playing the 48 minute epic in its entirety joined by apocalypse rockers Dead Unicorn and folk quintet, Rusty Wheel.  We could go into how awesome album the is, but it speaks for itself.  Be there, dance hard, pick up the record,  and “For Best Results: Play straight through at high volume.”  In the meantime, get this!  We here at Bedside Manner were lucky enough to have somewhat of a stop-and-chat with Pat (Vocals/Acoustic Guitar) and Jake (Drums).  Let’s see what they had to say…We apologize for all of the poor editing and bad quality, but the message and enthusiasm are really what’s important here.   Click readmore for part 2!

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Will Good Friend Electric (Brooklyn) Die?

I’m going to go with a firm NO.  I’ve been having a lot of positive thoughts and feelings about the “scene,” lately and when I think about it, 3 distinct places or home bases  if you will, come to mind:  the Stanhope House, Eyeconik Records and Good Friend Electric– a music/art collective that lurks in the Underground of Brooklyn, NY. All three places have a handle in building/rebuilding this little community of musicians we have going on and all 3 places are made up of a small but growing group of dedicated people.  GFE recently posted a note on facebook about their, for lack of a better term, eviction.  Does this mean the collective responsible for Local Music February in the first place is dead?  I don’t think so.   GFE is what it is because of the ideas and  the people behind them. It doesn’t matter where they’re housing their all night jammin’ dance binges as long as the hardworking people with the crazy ideas are still fueling them (which they are) and they’re still going with the craziest ideas they have instead of holding back.  Expect GFE to take this hit, but to move on from it and to continue to flourish and expand.   After all, GOOD FRIEND ELECTRIC IS PEOPLE.  I know a lot of people have expressed their concern and support for the collective and that just shows that the community still thrives.  So, we here at Bedside Manner bid you luck Good Friend Electric, and our support is with you.  Click readmore for Tyler’s statement and the uproar of comments that followed.  Oh…and a special little clip ;)…

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Be sure to check out Snowbirds (Acoustic folky jams with a pleasant voice.  They cite naked band practice as an interest…just sayin’.), Mike Ambrose (His band goes by Les Trois Chaud and it rules…Sorta Belle and Sebastianish.  You will recognize him if you’ve been to the Stanhope House before.), and Melissa/Paul (High energy bluesy punk duo.  Done recording for their first release! ) by clicking their names!  And of course, thank Joe Dimeck of Lectric Pulp for getting this little shindig together.  Wednesday is the new Saturday!  Maintain…See you there!