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This started as a review of Bloodpheasant’s latest LP, but I lost everything so it’ll become two separate posts.  I’ll start with The Elephant Graveyard…

1982186_617193725032402_92599391_nOne of the best parts of playing in a DIY band is playing at non-conventional “venues” and submerging yourself in said culture surrounding the places. The Elephant Graveyard stands in a “dead zone” on acres of farmland in Chester, NY. You wouldn’t know it just by looking at it, but the barn houses some of the most high-energy, diverse and positive shows I’ve been to in years- the kind of shows that remind me of why I started playing music and reaffirm my involvement in it when things go sour. The kind of shows where the focus truly lays on the music and the message.

Jay and Drew of Common Folk book everything from stripped down folk-punk to in your face hardcore and they always lend a hand to help touring bands.  They aren’t the only ones making things happen there, though.  Colin Jay of Entropy often has a hand in booking and Jay’s parents are so supportive they actually cook vegan friendly meals for the bands and proceed to stay to watch the show.  It’s a true privilege to have met this group of people who first welcomed me back when I was playing with Melissa (aka Francie Moon) and who continue to support projects I’ve done since.  I’ve met a lot of great people and have been exposed to some music that will stick with me for a while because of this place.  I just want to leave this here as a “thank you.”  “All good things come to and end” or at least need a break sometimes, I guess.  I’m hoping with The Elephant Graveyard it’s the latter and they come back strong and continue contributing to the scene they helped build.  Come to the  bon voyage show this Saturday at 7pm with Control, Tesla’s Revenge, Common Folk, and Entropy.  Wear a costume.  Listen to each band below.


Dead Ringer/Melissa & Paul Tour

Dead Ringer/Melissa & Paul are in the final stages of booking their summer tour.  Below are a list of dates.  If you can help fill any missing ones, that’d be grand!  Wish ’em luck!

August 4th – 929 XPO, Brooklyn NY

August 5th- Tuscan Cafe, Warwick NY

August 6th – The Meatlocker, Montclair NJ

August 7th – The Marvelous Records , Philadelphia PA

August 8th – Charm City Art Space, Baltimore MD

August 9th – Crayola House Harrisonburg, VA

August 10th – Geared Up Rock Bar & Grill Virginia Beach, VA

August 11th – The Blind Tiger Greensboro, NC

August 12th – House Show Atlanta, GA

August 13th – The Shark Tank Tallahassee, FL

August 14th – The Hold Tight House, Tampa FL

August 15th – 1982 Bar, Gainesville FL

August 16th – The Nick Birmingham AL

August 17th – TBA, TN HELP!!

August 18th – Black Sheep Cafe, Springfield IL

August 19th – Ames Progressive, Ames IA

August 20th – Dingus House, Minneapolis MN

August 21st – Reggie’s Music Joint, Chicago IL

August 22nd – THE DAAC Grand Rapids MI

August 23rd – Trumbull Plex, Detroit MI

August 24th – TBA, Cleveland OH HELP!!

August 25th – 222 Ormsby, Pittsburgh PA

August 26th – House Show Buffalo, NY

August 27th – TBA, NY HELP!!

August 28th – O’brien’s Pub, Allston MA

August 29th – Pigeon Hole Gallery, New London CT

Stream Dead Ringer’s Entire New EP!

Dead Ringer are geared up to tour with Melissa & Paul this summer for a hefty month long stint.  Click readmore for the confirmed dates.

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Local Music Februrary: Dead Ringer

A mere 3 months passed since Dead Ringer’s 3 song demo hit the internet to nothing but positive reviews.  With a west coast tour already in their past and a 20+ day east coast/mid-west stint (w/ Melissa and Paul) in the works for August, Dead Ringer’s momentum continues in full force.  With Dead Ringer, Kristia and Carlos depart a bit from their previous band’s (Exit She Calls) sound, offering a more straight forward/undeniably catchy brew of pop-punk and upbeat circle-pit anthems.  Their line-up solidified recently with the addition of drummer, Luis Luna who heard their tracks on punknews and immediately showed an interest.  He joins the Dead Ringer family with a rather impressive music resume.  Click readmore for the 100% FREE download and more info.

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