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977757_586169808081836_1483195842_oWould you look at that form?  Perfect.  This dude just couldn’t stop the music that engulfed him  as he hopped, stomped, and paced around the Tuscan Cafe’s worn hardwood floors on Friday night in Warwick, NY.  Casey Roberston tested his slick photography skills  and got the timing  just right to snap him at the peak of this particular launch during Polaroids‘ set.   You never heard Polaroids?  You might want to if you like high energy, hardcore/pop-punk with multiple singers, each adding their own unique influence to the sound.   I immediately think of Faded Grey during Tom’s rhythmic yelling over the single note, ever-moving guitar melodies.  I love seeing bands where every member knows the words and sings along. Polaroids does that. You can tell each of them is just as passionate about the music as the next and it’s not one of those bands driven by one sole and lonely member.   Listen to/download  their full length below.  If you’d like to submit photos for the “Punk Jumps” section just send the picture, the band, and a little about it to



When not maiming his precious forehead with the mic, Mike, vocalist of north jersey hardcore/punk band, Gnar Life, spends more time airborne than grounded.  I think I’ve seen more pictures of this dude soaring than straight chillin’.  On top of that, he and his band show great support and passion for NJ Hardcore.  I played one show with these guys and attended another that they opened.  At both shows, most (if not all) of the members stayed and watched every band, sang what they knew, and danced respectively.  It is safe to say that they are a rarity, at least at the shows I have been playing/attending.  Anyway, without further ado…Gnar Life.  Be sure to listen to their full length which so gallantly reminds us that you don’t have to be serious all the time.

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Punk Jumps: Khantra

From the inbox:

“Just found this old pic of me drumming and Adam Kaniper jumping.  This was taken by Liz Norris during a Khantra set at “the Outhouse” in Randolph, NJ way back in 2002 I think.”- John Fisher.  Listen and download Khantra HERE.    Click Read the rest of this Entry for the full video!    Submit photos of you and your friends airborne while performing here:

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PUNK JUMPS: Killed by the Bull

Here’s Justin Fullam of Killed by the Bull soaring at the Court Tavern in New Brunswick, NJ as part of a benefit for the ‘Hope for Warriors Foundation” featuring Sick of it All and The Fire Still Burns. Click READ THE REST OF THIS ENTRY for more KBTB jump shots!


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New Category: PUNK JUMPS

I have a passion for snaps like this.  Today I’ll share a shot of Four Fingers playing in Miami, FL.  Feel free to submit yourself or your buds or complete strangers Airborne on stage, in the hall, backyard, basement…you get it!  Let’s see ’em.  Include links and photo credit if you know who took it.  Send all submissions via attachment to