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Gems from the Past Vol. 6: Captives

1 Demo, 1 EP, 1 Full Length, 1 Tour, 9 Different Members.  Enjoy the 2008 Full length and download it for free below.


Gems from the Past Vol. 5- ROGER KLOTZ.

What can I say about Roger Klotz?  FREE DOWNLOAD/26 songs.  I may upload the acoustic album and demo eventually…Enjoy!



Gems from the Past Vol. 4- Ten Dollar Nosebleed

“PUT ALL THE TRUST YOU GAVE ME IN A BULLET. LET ME PUT THE GUN TO YOUR HEAD.”  The band included members of Flynn and some went on to join/form Captives, Earth Stood Still, and Time Will Tell.   I don’t know much else about this band except that they were probably rawest band around at the time (right up there with Shit for Brains and METCS) with some heaviest lyrics and no gimmicks which flooded the scene in 2002-2004.  Word has it that Eric (vocals) is a regular at Eyeconik Records.  Below is a mediafire link to their 8 track album recorded at Klarity Studios.  You may have to make Iexplorer your default because the files are protected for some reason, I had no problem playing them when I did that…mysterious.  CLICK HERE to download.

Gems from the Past Vol. 3- Shattered Fortune

Our 3rd installment of GEMS FROM THE PAST comes from Kevin Carafa who is currently active with his drum duties in Young American Artists, Control, Killed by the Bull and as a recording engineer out of Backroom Studios in Rockaway:

“Deep in the pockets of Jnco Jeans everywhere lurks the darkest feelings of rage, mystery, and hurt. These feelings were mashed into, or at least attempted to be mashed into, a band called Shattered Fortune. The band started as a conversation on a bus ride home, and ended just three years later after members wanted to move forward onto new musical projects.
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Gems From the Past: Vol. 2- Winslow: Live at Obsessions

We dug deep into the vault for our next gem: another from Winslow…This time it’s a live album from the infamous Obsessions circa 2001 (I think).  Those of you who have played in bands in the late 90’s/early 2000’s are no stranger to Obsessions and that prick who ran the joint,  Bill.   Through the years, I’ve heard many stories involving him being…well…a prick….from him stealing kid’s amps, to him taking band members into a cobwebbed room to discuss money and ticket sales, to blatant rip-offs of young bands, but we won’t get into all that.  This is about us, not him and besides, it was a place to play!

This live capture features two covers (Oasis’s Wonder Wall and Bon Jovi’s You Give Love a Bad Name) that were staples to the Winslow set throughout our “career.”  The never-been-officially-recorded cut entitled, “The Other Day,” with lyrics by Steve Barna also found its way onto this gem.  To top it off, Louie Duva steps up to the mic for guest vocals on most of the songs and you can hear Kevin Carafa bantering in the audience.  Needless to say, it’s a must listen.  We even delve into part of a Folly song towards the end of the set…not without playing Slayer though!

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Gems from the Past: Vol. 1

A lot of us here at Bedside Manner have been doing this music thing for a while.  2011 marks ten years playing shows, writing and recording music for some of us.  Being that we live in the modern age, much of our work has been conveniently documented through good ol’ ones and zeros.  What does that mean for y’all?  FREE DOWNLOADS of all of the early work we can salvage no matter how bad, embarrassing, low-quality or laughable they are.  We’re not living in the past; we’re merely laughing at it!  ENJOY!

We’re going to do our best to do this chronologically, but it probably won’t work out that way. We will include the ex-members that make up the projects and as much info as we can pertaining to the cuts.  If any of the mediafire links are broken, leave a comment and let us know!

Gems from the Past: Volume One- WINSLOW – The Unmixed/Unmastered/Unreleased Sessions (2001).


Click read more for more info and fun fax and music video!

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