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Thom and Eric didn’t waste any time when their last band came to a halt.  What of Us picks up right where their former project, Capacities left off, offering a burst of emotive, socially aware hardcore with a bit of a heavier edge.  They recorded the two tracks they have up during a live set at Backroom Studios with Scot Moriarty of Organ Dealer handling the tracking and Steve Roche taking care of the mixing.  The recording perfectly captures the brash nature and urgency of the band and I hope it’s the first of a deeper catalog to come.  You can catch them at the Ridgewood Elks Lodge this Sunday with Prize the Doubt from Ohio and NJ’s Mudbeard.  Listen to the songs below.


The Lies Leave for a Short East Coast Stint Tomorrow

Ian and Paul of The Lies embark on a short east coast tour that leaves tomorrow.  They’ll bring their own brand of blues/garage/punk to Winchester, VA with an interview and stripped down performance on 90 Proof Podcast and they’ll end with a double header in Savannah, GA, playing a house show in Chesapeake, VA and visiting Myrtle Beach on the way.  In early August The Lies (full band) tracked four new songs at Black Box Studios in Byram, NJ with Miles Austin.  They have plans for a proper fall release of the tunes.   Listen to the debut from The Lies, “Whatever” below.

lies tour

ENTROPY: All Work, No Plagiarism.

Stand up comedians, Entropy, from Orange County,  NY decided to let Bedside Manner Collective make them a few cds.  They’re going fast, get on this.  They are limited to 50 and come with a different color scheme than the upcoming record will.  Next up:  a picture disc with only their stage banter pressed to side B.




We started 2014 with no resolution(s), but we did release the digital component of  the debut EP from North Jersey’s, The Lies.  This will be the first of many limited-run DIY releases of 2014, from us.  Mike Belveduto of Earth Stood Still, Control and Atlas stepped on board to help with art for these physical releases.  Keep checking back for updates on that.  We have two in the works already!   HERE’S MIKEY:here's mikeyCheck out that debut EP from The Lies right here:

You can download it for free for pick up a physical copy at their first show on 1/15/13 at the Stanhope House.  As of now, only 20 exist.  Joining them will be Hides a Well, The Lungs, Nude Dudes & Books.  We teamed up with Kevin Oakley to get that show together.

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I don’t know anyone (personally) who does more and works harder to maintain relevancy and activity in music than Keith Kenny and it seems to grant him opportunities many musicians only dream of.  Over a year ago, he took a serious risk.  He left the stability of his full time engineering job and decided to pursue his passion of playing and creating music 100% and since then, he has been traveling the US relentlessly in his Ford Transit, playing over 30 cities with only an acoustic guitar, an arsenal of pedals, a bass drum and hi-hat as his companions. After over a year of touring full-time, Southeast Asia calls for him and you better believe he’s accepting and it’s for a good cause!  I can’t even fathom what that opportunity must feel like but I can’t wait to hear all about it when he returns.

The “We Are Kind” festival chose the singer/songwriter/one man band to headline a benefit concert in the Southeast Asian nation of Laos to raise $ for victims of Unexploded Ordnance (UXO- explosive weapons that did not explode when they were employed and still pose a risk of detonation) on November 11, 2013.  He will perform among well-known Laotian rock and dance performers.

Benefit organizer and UXO victim, Phongsavath Souliyalat,  who lost both hands and eyesight when a tennis ball sized bomb exploded in his hands 4 years ago, became a fan of Keith Kenny while working with different charity organizations in Laos.  He is now a spokesperson for the COPE Center which provides prosthetic devices, rehabilitation and support for other victims of UXO and raises awareness across the nation.

“I’m really honored to perform for the victims of UXO and hope that my music can help make a difference. I’m looking forward to meeting Phong  in person and excited to experience the culture in Laos. ”

Keith Kenny commenced his ongoing “Big Red Suitcase Tour” over a year ago and changed his schedule to accommodate the 8,000 mile journey.  Upon his return, Keith plans to resume his National U.S. Tour from NJ to CA.

For more information regarding the “We Are Kind” benefit concert and additional tour dates visit or

For more information about UXO (provided by Aqua Survey Inc.)

Listen to Keith Kenny’s latest EP “And the Light Came Blaring In…” below.


Kevin Carafa is an addict…and moving 2900 miles (45 hours by car) across the country, changing his scenery, delving into a new circle of friends and starting from scratch do not lend to his recovery.  Relapse is an understatement.  He just can’t stop releasing quality tunes and experimenting with different genres and instruments while nailing them all.  This time, he’s taking three others down with him and calling it Earth Anchor.  They recently released a four song EP, put out  a DIY video, put out another EP of covers and “b-sides” and most importantly booked their first show at the Hawthorne Lounge in Portland, Oregon, which is scheduled for tomorrow evening.  Check out the EP and video below. Andrew Carreon, the drummer, edited the video and Kevin Carafa handled the audio- showcasing the talent each member offers beyond the instrument they play in the band.  Lets hope they continue to utilize all the tools at their finger tips and we hear a lot more from these guys/gal in the future.


For the few who see this, it’s no secret that I’ve neglected it in the past few months.  I have not felt compelled to post anything lately, and if I did, it was often covered by someone else like Not Rock Records.  Anyway, obviously I’m eager to tell you about something and have made the time to do so…

In winter of ’13 or so, an old friend/roommate of mine embarked on a 6th month self-finding journey to the South…or maybe he just wanted to get away.  Did he find himself?  Who knows? Who really ever does on those things?  Did he get away?  Well, yeah, but you can relocate your body, but often problems still stick.  Good things can stick too, and sometimes bad things manifest themselves as good things through the power of art.  You barfin’ yet?  Anyway,    Ian Matthew Keller found something in his absence from the north,  and he brought it back to NJ, ever so subtly revealing it via the purest form of blues day-by-day.

Ian always prides himself on being a minimalist and this time, dare I say, he managed to strip down his repertoire even more.  Armed with only an electric guitar (sometimes with an amp, mostly without), his low soothing/smooth voice and a microphone only to record, Ian released his first EP under his own name only 3 weeks ago and since then, he released two more EPs…each one an improvement on the last.  Each one containing at least 7 songs…one for each day of the week, perhaps.

Ian’s stream of conscience lyrics force him to be honest and truly wear his heart on his sleeve, right next to the chip on his shoulder.  He modestly titled his EP’s 1, 2, and 3…each one with a different depiction of himself on the cover, named after him, and containing music written, played by and recorded by him.  I’m not going to compare Ian to anybody else, because this truly is Ian Matthew Keller served on a plate of Ian Matthew Keller on a table built and crafted by Ian Matthew Keller, with utensils shaped by Ian Matthew Keller, inside a house…You get it.  Ian returned, yet still leaves us both pleased and wanting more.  I cannot wait for “4!”  Listen to 1, 2, and 3 below.


If you happen to be awake at 11:00 am Pacific Standard Time (2pm Eastern Standard Time) don’t sleep on Earth Anchor‘s 4 song debut “Outshined.”  This release marks Kevin Carafa‘s first collaborative effort since the disbanding of his old bands, Young American Artists and Control and features Heather Steele making her recorded vocal debut.  The alternative-indie rock duo seeks a powerful rhythm section (guitar, bass ‘n drumz)  to complete their live sound, so if you live in the Portland, Oregon area and this sounds like something for you, hit them up! Listen to the anchor track from the ep below!


We started setting up for this:

Free downloads of the entire thing here:


Atlas recently completed their debut EP with recording engineer/producer Chris Badami of Portrait Recording Studios.  The 6 songs will collectively be known as “With Love, Evelyn McHale” and will officially be out on CD on July 19th with a celebratory show at the Stanhope House.  This marks the first “official” and proper output from the band since their 3-song demo “It’s Haunting.”   Though, not a concept album, the EP tells a story of sorts:  the struggle of young woman’s relationship with her own self-worth that ultimately leads to her elegant self-induced death.  You can hear a teaser from the EP below.