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We started 2014 with no resolution(s), but we did release the digital component of  the debut EP from North Jersey’s, The Lies.  This will be the first of many limited-run DIY releases of 2014, from us.  Mike Belveduto of Earth Stood Still, Control and Atlas stepped on board to help with art for these physical releases.  Keep checking back for updates on that.  We have two in the works already!   HERE’S MIKEY:here's mikeyCheck out that debut EP from The Lies right here:

You can download it for free for pick up a physical copy at their first show on 1/15/13 at the Stanhope House.  As of now, only 20 exist.  Joining them will be Hides a Well, The Lungs, Nude Dudes & Books.  We teamed up with Kevin Oakley to get that show together.

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Atlas recently completed their debut EP with recording engineer/producer Chris Badami of Portrait Recording Studios.  The 6 songs will collectively be known as “With Love, Evelyn McHale” and will officially be out on CD on July 19th with a celebratory show at the Stanhope House.  This marks the first “official” and proper output from the band since their 3-song demo “It’s Haunting.”   Though, not a concept album, the EP tells a story of sorts:  the struggle of young woman’s relationship with her own self-worth that ultimately leads to her elegant self-induced death.  You can hear a teaser from the EP below.



Why not?

Check out 3 other songs from Atlas HERE  or at their next show (12/29: Stanhope House) w/ Andrew W.K.!


Earth Stood Still Officialy Active Again!

Mike, Michelle and the gang are back! To celebrate the indie/punk rock quartet posted their debut EP and their full length on their bandcamp page.  This will be the first time this particular lineup played together since 2008 after 2 East coast tours and recording “Conveyance.”  Rest assured, however, that this is not a reunion.  The band never officially broke up.  Stream their EP, “Now to be Heard by All,” below.   M & M haven’t fallen off the music circuit completely in the time since Earth Stood Still stopped playing.  They have since formed and are currently active in the post hardcore band Atlas and released two EPS and a full length with another post hardcore band called Control.  On top of that, they’ve also rumored new material with Earth Stood Still and promised to play some shows.  I can’t help but to be super excited for this!

Members of Control and Royden form Atlas

…a post hardcore quintet in the vein of Quicksand and Brand New.  First show is tonight @ the Branchville American Legion.  Hear two songs from their upcoming EP below!