We started 2014 with no resolution(s), but we did release the digital component of  the debut EP from North Jersey’s, The Lies.  This will be the first of many limited-run DIY releases of 2014, from us.  Mike Belveduto of Earth Stood Still, Control and Atlas stepped on board to help with art for these physical releases.  Keep checking back for updates on that.  We have two in the works already!   HERE’S MIKEY:here's mikeyCheck out that debut EP from The Lies right here:

You can download it for free for pick up a physical copy at their first show on 1/15/13 at the Stanhope House.  As of now, only 20 exist.  Joining them will be Hides a Well, The Lungs, Nude Dudes & Books.  We teamed up with Kevin Oakley to get that show together.

Click READ THE REST OF THIS ENTRY, for some brief background info and a bio about The Lies.



In early 2013 Ian Matthew Keller decided he had enough. He grew tired of the north, the woods and receiving no fruits for his labor, so he did what a lot of other people with similar sentiments do…he left.  He embarked on a 6th month self-finding journey to the South and like many others who take similar plans of action, he returned to “the cave” he knows so well, but he did not return empty-handed.  With plenty of time to reflect and indulge in life experience, Ian’s creativity was stimulated and it manifested itself through the blues.  One member at a time, a band formed around the songs that seemingly went right from Ian’s head to his guitar- each member adding their own touch without taking away from the overall rawness or sincerity. They simply brought new life to the skeletons that were already there.  2 months later and after a steady rehearsal schedule,  the quartet to be known as, The Lies, braved a snow storm and recorded the 7 songs on their debut EP, “Whatever.” 

The Lies Are:
Ian:  Vocals/Personality/Guitar
Vince:  Guitar/Feedback
Paul:  Drums/MSPaint
Ben:  Bass/Beard

Genre: Blues/Garage/Punk


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