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Kevin Carafa May Have Moved

across the country, but his creative energy still flows and runs more rampant than ever.  Four years passed since he last released a solo album and these songs stray far from the melodic/metallic punk rock tunes on his first two albums.  Kevin certainly entered another stage in his life and these OM/Foo Figthers-esque songs strongly suggest just that.  I know what you’re thinking.  Om and Foo Fighters?  How?  Why?  You’ll understand it all after one listen. On Tuesday, he will unleash “Himalaya” via 4 relentless drones and one high one speed chaser appropriately titled, “The Mountain.”  Listen to the teaser below and be sure to download it when it comes out on Tuesday!  He never fails to surprise and impress!


GODDAMN (Bedside Updates)

Pardon my language, but I’m on my first listen of the Mister Snake tape and it seriously rules. It far surpasses any previous release by the band and we’re thrilled to be part of it.   Be sure to get on this when it’s out:  100 copies of the 8 song tape will be pressed each with a digital download included, so you can travel with it…conveniently.  FFO Black Sabbath, The Jesus Lizard, Flipper, Sleep and Dinosaur Jr. “Like” them on facebook HERE.  In other news, Melissa & Paul made a facebook page, you can check that out HERE.  Test presses for their double 7″ should be in this week, with them a song from each EP will be posted online for your listening pleasure.  Also, we’re working on setting up some pretty sweet shows at Eyeconik Records and the Stanhope House.  Keep checking back for updates on those.

Local Music March?- The Flops: Demo

Though Local Music February came and went, expect Bedside Manner to continue posting local artists and free downloads from time to time because, well, why not?  Here, we’ll focus on the Flops– a groovy thrash quartet hailing from Sussex County, New Jersey.  If you live in the middle of nowhere, don’t bitch about it and become a drone- start a band and thrash the days away…or learn how to skateboard or something!  That’s what the Flops do.  Click readmore to download the demo for FREE and more!

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